Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXVI – Top Ten Albums of 2015, Part 1

We’re over a month in to 2016, so let’s get going with the round-ups of 2015 with the first of three shows showcasing the very best of the year. According to myself and my WWRS colleagues, anyway.

This edition contains tracks from the best albums of 2015 according to published author, Mabh Savage and Senior Reviewer, Rick Ossian.

Anthrax – Breathing Lightning

10) Korpiklaani – Noita – Lempo
9) Joe Satriani – Shockwave Supernova – Shockwave Supernova
8) Fear FactoryGenexus – Soul Hacker
7) Helloween – My God-Given Right – Lost In America
6) Motörhead – Bad Magic – Victory Or Die
5) The Darkness – Last of our Kind – Last Of Our Kind
4) Symphony X – Underworld – Run With The Devil
3) Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful – Alpenglow
2) Iron Maiden – Book of Souls – When The River Runs Deep
1) Faith No More – Sol Invictus – Superhero

10) Enforcer – From Beyond – Hungry They Will Come
9) The Vintage Caravan – Arrival – Crazy Horses
8) Palace of the King – White Bird/Burn the Sky – No Chance In Hell
7) Symphony X – Underworld – Kiss Of Fire
6) UFO – Conspiracy of Stars – Devil’s In The Detail
5) Slayer – Repentless – Repentless
4) Aktaion – Throne – The Disease
3) Prong – Songs From the Black Hole – Vision Thing
2) Queensrÿche – Condition: Human – Arrow Of Time
1) Iron Maiden – Book of Souls – Shadows Of The Valley

Prong – Ultimate Authority

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXV – The Behemoth

So then… the first show of 2016 is The Behemoth. Over 6 hours of quality music. Yes, you did read that correctly – OVER SIX HOURS. That’s one in the eye (or should that be “ear”?) for the moaning-minis who bang on and on about “Metal isn’t as good as it was in the 80’s/90’s”. Sit them down and force them to listen to this one. It’s subdivided into chapters over on Mixcloud, so you can show the recalcitrants the error of their ways by playing them stuff from their favourite genre.

The next show, by the way, is the first of the Top Ten Albums of 2015, which will include Dr Jim’s contribution. By the time this show topped five hours, and was still going strong, I thought it wise to delay the Hammer Of Retribution for the next show.

UFO – Devil’s In The Details
Black Star Riders – Killer Instinct
Romeo’s Daughter – Touch
Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock – Bulletproof
Hollywood Vampires – Raise The Dead
Europe – Nothin’ To Ya
Michael Monroe – This Ain’t No Love Song
Ghost – From The Pinnacle To The Pit
Knock Out Kaine – 16 Grams Of Heart Attack
Devil City Angels – Boneyard
Santa Cruz – Bonafide Heroes
Von Hertzen Brothers – You Don’t Know My Name
Motor Sister – Beg Borrow Steal
RAM – Return Of The Iron Tyrant

Slayer – Repentless
Reign Of Fury – Death Be Thy Shepherd
Gama Bomb – Tuck Your T-Shirt In
Fallen Angels – Fire At Eden’s Gate
Armored Saint – With A Full Head Of Steam

Clutch – Firebirds
Motörhead – Electricity
Iron Maiden – Death Or Glory
Raven – Malice In Geordieland
Saxon – Stand Your Ground
W.A.S.P – Slaves Of The New World Order
Enforcer – Undying Evil
Triaxis – Death Machine
Absolva – Killer Within
I.C.O.N. – Grindin’ Wheel
Tysondog – Shadow Of The Beast
Venom – From The Very Depths
U.D.O. – Under Your Skin
Chastain – We Bleed Metal
Huntress – Four Blood Moons
Vamps – Lips
Black Tide – No Guidelines
Wednesday 13 – Astro Psycho-Galactic Blood Drive
Turbowolf – Twelve Houses

Killing Joke – I Am The Virus
36 Crazyfists – Swing The Noose
Skindred – Shut Ya Mouth
Shining – The Last Stand

Fear Factory – Soul Hacker
New Year’s Day – Scream
Devil You Know – Shattered Silence
Butcher Babies – Never Go Back
Five Finger Death Punch – No Sudden Movement
The Agonist – Danse Macabre
Trivium – The Thing That’s Killing Me
Lamb Of God – Engage The Fear Machine
Atreyu – I Would Kill/Lie/Die For You
Octanic – Aeturnus Imperium

Cradle Of Filth – Hammer Of The Witches
Kataklysm – Thy Serpent’s Tongue
Battlecross – Not Your Slave
Enslaved – Nauthir Bleeding

Ensiferum – Two Of Spades
Tengger Cavalry – Tengger Cavalry
Korpiklaani – Pili On Pajusta Tehty
Manegarm – Call Of The Runes

Witchsorrow – Made Of The Void
Paradise Lost – Punishment Through Time
Orchid – Sign Of The Witch

Powerwolf – Armata Strigoi
Tad Morose – Bow To The Reaper’s Blade
Blind Guardian – Twilight Of The Gods
Jørn Lande & Trond Holter – Queen Of The Dead
Queensrÿche – Arrow Of Time
Symphony X – To Hell And Back
Kamelot – Fallen Star
Helloween – Living On The Edge
Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody – One Ring To Rule Them All
Battlebeast – I Want The World… And Everything In It
Nightwish – The Greatest Show On Earth

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXIV – Tribute To Lemmy

The 28th of December 2015 saw the passing of a legend. To say that Lemmy embodied what Rock and Metal are all about is something of a cliché. But he did. He still does. His death doesn’t change that. If anything, it just strengthens the legend of The Last True Rock Star.

Join us at The Wyrd Ways Rock Show in celebrating the life of a man who lived without compromise. A man who was born to lose, but lived to win.

Hawkwind – Silver Machine
Motörhead – Motörhead
Motörhead – White Line Fever
Motörhead – Overkill
Motörhead – Stay Clean
Motörhead – Bomber
Motörhead – Over The Top
Motörhead – Ace Of Spades
Motörhead – Stand By Your Man
Motörhead – Hellraiser
Motörhead – On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
Motörhead – Broken
Motörhead – In The Black
Motörhead – The Thousand Names Of God
Motörhead – Thunder & Lightning
Motörhead – The One To Sing The Blues
Motörhead – Sex & Death
Motörhead – Queen Of The Damned
Motörhead – Terminal Show
Motörhead – Iron Fist
Motörhead – Orgasmatron
Motörhead – Born To Raise Hell
Motörhead – We Are Motörhead

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXIII – Yule Be Sorry!


Slade – Merry Xmas Everybody
Various – We Wish You A Merry Christmas
The Darkness – Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)
Alice Cooper – Santa Claws Is Coming To Town
Wednesday 13 – Buried By Christmas
Twisted Sister – Heavy Metal Christmas
Black Stone Cherry – Santa Is Back
Skid Row – Jingle Bells
Stephen Pearcy – Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
Lemmy – Run Rudolph Run
Korn – Kidnap The Sandy Claws
Sacred Dawn – Wicked Land Of Winter
Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Canon Rock
Magnum – On Christmas Day
Nightwish – Walking In The Air
Doro – Merry Metal X-Mas
King Diamond – No Presents For Christmas
Scott Ian – Silent Night
Amon Amarth – Viking Christmas
Corey Taylor – X-Mas
Dio/Iommi – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Christopher Lee – Jingle Hell

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXII

It’s been something like a month since the last show. Sorry about that! In the last few weeks, more bands have been announced for Bloodstock 2016, including the Sunday night headliner. If you don’t know who they are, give the show a listen and you soon will.

Not only that, but there are also contributions from Clutch, Nightwish, Arch Enemy and many others. Talking of contributions, Dr Jim makes his long-awaited comeback and there’s also an interview with the lads from Mordred, recorded at Bloodstock 2015.

Witchcraft – The Outcast
Arch Enemy – War Eternal
Nightwish – Alpenglow
Covered: Satyricon – Orgasmatron
Spotlight 1: Slayer – War Ensemble
Symphony X – Kiss Of Fire
Fear Factory – Remanufacture
Hammer Of Retribution 1: Ravenage – The Road To Retribution: Northbound Pt 2
Hammer Of Retribution 2: Caladan Brood – Wild Autumn Wind
Hammer Of Retribution 3: Iron MaidenThe Clansman
Record Of The Week 1: Clutch – X-Ray Visions
Record Of The Week 2: Clutch – Behold The Colossus
Record Of The Week 3: Clutch – Firebirds
Spotlight 2: Slayer – Implode
Bloodstock Interview – Mordred
Mordred – The Baroness
Spotlight 3: Slayer – Angel Of Death
Last Track: Last In Line – Devil In Me

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXI

It’s taken a bit longer than expected, but here’s this week’s edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show. Alongside new songs from Saxon, Anthrax, Scorpion Child, Gama Bomb and Tremonti, there’s an interview with Nige Rockett, recorded at Bloodstock. This week’s Record Of The Week is Queensryche’s new one. Obviously that’s not everything, so to find out about the rest, you’ll have to listen.

If you decide to support the making of the show by becoming a Member, you get the full show at a higher bitrate and therefore better quality as well as access to the Members Only pages of the Wyrd Ways Rock Show website. For details about how to become a Member as well as the latest in Rock and Metal news and reviews, head over to www.wyrdwaysrs.com.

Saxon – Battering Ram
Anthrax – Evil Twin
Saint Diablo – Devil Horns and Halos
Covered: Devil You Know – Eye Of The Tiger
Papa Roach – Face Everything And Rise
Five Finger Death Punch – Ain’t My Last Dance
Spotlight 1: Motörhead – Ace Of Spades
Aiden – Violence and Devotion
Bad Pollyanna – Bionic Heart
Record Of The Week 1: Queensrÿche – Arrow Of Time
Record Of The Week 2: Queensrÿche – Hourglass
Record Of The Week 3: Queensrÿche – Condition Human
Crobot – Chupacabra
Scorpion Child – She Sings, I Kill
Spotlight 2: Motörhead – The One To Sing The Blues
Onslaught Interview (Bloodstock)
Onslaught – 66Fuckin’6
Tremonti – Sympathy
Mirror – Mirror
Octanic – Aeturnus Imperium
Gama Bomb – Tuck Your T-Shirt In
Spotlight 3: Motörhead – Overkill

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXX

What have we got for you this week, then? A quick look at Logan Mader’s new project, a taster from Devil You Know’s new album as well as new stuff from Killing Joke and Avatarium. There’s also an interview with Conan’s new boy, recorded at Bloodstock 2015, and also an interview recorded at SOS 2015 with members of a band that has been called “Britain’s answer to Metallica”, Die No More. Talking of Bloodstock, you’ll also find out which bands have been added to the bill for 2016.

New Year’s Day – I’m About To Break You
Devil You Know – The Way We Die
Once Human – The Life I Remember
Covered: Venom – Hellbent For Metal (Judas Priest)
From Ashes To New – Downfall
Spotlight 1: Huntress – Eight Of Swords
Die No More Interview (SOS 2015)
Die No More – Council Of War
Record Of The Week 1: Five Finger Death Punch – Got Your Six
Record Of The Week 2: Five Finger Death Punch – Wash It All Away
Record Of The Week 3: Five Finger Death Punch – Hell To Pay
Killing Joke – Euphoria
Spotlight 2: Huntress – Starbound Beast
Conan Interview (Bloodstock 2015)
Conan – Crown Of Talons
Paradise Lost – Punishment Through Time
DragonForce – The Game
Spotlight 3: Huntress – Sorrow
Avatarium – Hypnotized
New Device – Hollywood Radio
Queensrÿche – Guardian